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Changes to my Snapchat!

Alright, I think I’m too much of a lazy butt. I don’t feel like selling my Snapchat is appropriate for how often I go without updating for various reasons. And I have so many excuses. It was always a trial thing, and it has turned out to be an obligation I’m not comfortable with. And then otherwise sometimes my neurotic self feels like what I’m sending is boring. Yeah, I’m a nut, but I’m also very rarely spontaneously sexy. Especially not on a daily basis.

Buuuuuuut, I do still like giving people a peek now and then of my daily life, and forcing everyone to look at whatever stupid thing my cat is doing. So I will still be updating! And I would very much appreciate a tip here or there if you like what you see (though, I mean, the only pic I sent today was of me making a contorted double-chin face…)

Therefore… as of several minutes from now I will be setting my story to be viewable to all. My username is lintilla_taylor. Everybody add me!

I will be deleting all members from my friends in the near future. In the future I may offer to add members to my friends in order to receive more exclusive snaps, or the ability to reply, but I’m not going to go ahead and do that just now, except maybe in a few special cases for regulars, as prizes, or who the hell knows… I’m not known to be consistent in my behaviour.

If you’re one of the very few guys who still has time left in your 30 days, I’d be perfectly happy to give you a coupon for a free or discounted video, or something else of similar value to what you had remaining, just go ahead and send me a tweet, snap (not deleting everyone juuuust yet, giving time for people to see this), email, smoke signal, or jam a Russian military shortwave number station radio signal with your username and I’ll take note. Anyone else who asks earns one slap with a wet fish, Monty Python style, because I’ll know you’re full of shit, I’ve kept records properly since my comeback this summer 😛

I hope this will result in less pressure for me, and therefore more fun for everyone! Thanks for dealing with my general indecisiveness about everything in my life, guys, and see ya around!

Towel Day!

Figured I should post this here. I know some of you get email updates. You’re probably the same guys who already follow my Twitter account and who should therefore already be informed, but hey! Here’s the thing! I hope to be online late afternoon/early evening PT to celebrate. See you then? Bring your towel 🙂 Check my Twitter/Snapchat for updated show time, and then come check me out at mfc.lintilla.net

Towel Day

First week back wrap up, and some Grumpy McGrumperson rules

I had hoped to be online five days my first week back, but that didn’t end up working out. Cold virus and Camwhores closing and all that. I’m trying for the same thing this week, now that I’m feeling better. I’ll also be aiming to be online somewhat earlier than I have been, since it looks like I’ve got a bunch of viewers who go to bed much earlier than I tend to! I think I’m going to try for 6pm or 7pm PDT, and see how that works out. I’m still working on getting back into the groove of things, and figuring out what space and lighting works best, so bear with me!

I haven’t gotten my SM account reactivated yet, and I think I’m going to wait on that for a little while, because one change to my daily routine is probably enough for now. I plan on making some new clips in the near future though (and figuring out new profile pics and the like, since the old ones look nothing like me anymore…) That will most likely not happen until my cold is completely cleared up, because I’ve been absolutely exhausted all day, even though I’ve barely gotten off of my ass. I’m the worst at being sick, and I need about 12 hours sleep a night minimum until I’m done fighting it!

Everyone who currently has access to my Snapchat: I’m ending my extended free period for early adopters on April 15th. If you haven’t re-upped by then you will be deleted. Anyone who has won or paid for Snapchat access since March 15th, you’ll have one month of access from the day you were added. I’m working on reminder graphics at the moment to snap to people shortly before their time is up, so it won’t come out of nowhere (actually, they’re open in Photoshop on my other machine as I type this). I also want to remind everyone to check my story! A lot of my snaps go directly there and are not individually sent to everyone on my list, because dammit, can’t they add that “send to all” feature already? I’ll be offering lots of deals on Snapchat in my room for a while, since I’m trying to get a good number of people on my list. The more people I have added, the more motivated I feel to update frequently.

With my return to MFC came the return of a horde of people asking me…. “Skype bb?” So I just want to outline my current policy on that, and will update my profile with this information in the near future as well. My current rate is 100 tokens per minute, which is slightly higher than True Private, on the logic that you’re getting a higher quality stream. I will be very strict on time. An appointment needs to be agreed on and paid in advance, and I prefer 24hrs notice. I prefer to be available mainly before shifts on MFC. I will be setting up a new Skype account — you will receive this username after paying, and be deleted immediately after the session, as I do not use Skype as an instant messenger. This may all seem like a disincentive to set up a Skype session with me… which is by design, if you’re not someone who is alright following these guidelines! Should point out that I will absolutely, positively, never ever ever sign off of MFC in order to Skype with someone. First, that’s nowhere near 24hrs, is it. Second, although my room has been quite empty and slow so far, I’m not going to improve situation that by signing off before I’ve done my time. Also, I’m just not a very spontaneous person by nature. Simple things require mental (and whatever other type of) preparation for me. So, that’s that.

And this is this: the only form of payment I am currently accepting, outside of C4S and Bitcoins (which no one has used here yet :P), is MFC tokens. I’ve updated my checkout on this site to reflect the same information. This benefits my MFC camscore, and is also a form of payment that, unlike something like GiftRocket, I can confirm just about immediately (as long as you remember to leave a tip note, grrr). Plus, unlike gift cards, I can pay my rent with the payout. I will still gladly accept gift cards and wishlist purchases if you’re feeling generous (though, I don’t think I currently have a wishlist set up), but this is currently not acceptable to me as payment for anything. If you don’t like this system, tough titty. I’ve had too many people pushing the boundaries of what I’m okay with, so in order to stop myself saying “welllll, maybe just this onnnnnnce” I feel the need to set some definite rules. Any of this might change at any time, but either way… my word is law :p

And with that necessary grumping and rule-outlining over with… I’m going to get back to my night off (Mondays always SUCK) Project Runway marathon, and to and completely failing to put away my mountain of laundry. I ought to be on MFC again tomorrow night. Doop doop doop etc.

Update on my return, also known as I am slightly a liar

So, my very smart self forgot that the 15th is the end of the pay period on various camsites including MFC where I was planning to return to, so that would just be a silly day to come back. I was going to make it my final show on CW instead, buuuuut, nah, I decided screw you guys, I’m gonna go drink green beers and play board games instead. Well, not screw you guys, but I might as well, since I’m going to TRY to be consistent on cam in the near future and so I’ll have less time to do such things unless I were to switch to daytime… and that shit ain’t happening.

So I will hopefully see whoever reads this nonsense tomorrow, March 16th, on MFC at… I dunno what time, but I’m going to try for maybe something like 7pm Arizona time, which is currently also known as 7pm MST or 7pm PDT because we don’t have daylight saving time over here just to be confusing to the rest of you. But I will certainly update with tweets and such to let you know how many hours later than that I actually end up being 😛 (But hey, it’s only 4pm now and I’m dressed — why couldn’t that happen two days in a row?)

Still going to try to fit in Camwhores, I just don’t know when. Where does the time all go…? What the heck did I do with the rest of March?

Beware the Ides of March! My return is imminent!

Or take note of them, or something. In your calendar. Takes place on the usual date this year.

My apartment is finally starting to resemble a home. I’ve got both my desktop and laptop freshly formatted and reinstalled with Windows 8 after one catastrophic drive failure and one major backup operation that took days and days. I’ve got a shiny new webcam, so there won’t be anymore crapping out in the middle of broadcasting because of loose connections (the old one was absolutely ancient…. I was insane not to upgrade sooner, and I think everyone will be happy with the improved video quality!)

And now I’ve got a date for you. March 15th. I haven’t decided if I will be using MyFreeCams or Chaturbate as my main spot, nor have I decided on a time. For those of you who still keep an eye on me, I’d really appreciate it if you could comment or otherwise respond if you have a particular preference in these matters. My gut tells me to go with MFC and stick with late evening, but it will definitely take some effort to get my score back up, so hopefully you guys are ready to give me your support.

I’ll also most likely be making use of Streamate outside of my yet-to-be-established regular schedule, and absolutely will have new clips up on Clips4Sale at hopefully regular intervals, though what I post there may not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea (always open for customs and the odd suggestion if not too detailed, though).

I’ve also been saddened to learn that Camwhores.com will be shutting down on March 17th. I haven’t started uploading there again, but will unarchive myself in the next week or so. I’ll absolutely be posting some updates as well as scheduling one final show. If you were or are a member of that site, you must come check that out. I think it was 2005 that I posted my first images on CW, though my current archives don’t go back that far (archives did not always work the same way so I was removed from the site entirely at one point), so I’m just going by timestamp/caption on some of my saved pics, and the apartment in those images that I haven’t lived in for years and years!

If I can get my files sorted out I have some vague idea of offering a huge set of my archived cam photos from the early to mid 00’s. You have no idea how unorganized my HD is at the moment, so it may take some doing, but I’d really love to share that content somehow.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me. I’m about done getting settled, marginally acclimated to my new city, working on making some new IRL friends, and working on getting my camming back on track. I hope you’ll join me for whatever the hell I get up to starting the middle of this month! Sorry for being generally uncommunicative and generally blah lately, but I have major anxiety issues at the best of times, and moving was such a major upheaval! I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine. It’s kind of necessary, even!

Watch my Twitter/Tumblr/this space/the visions in your head/etc. for the specifics once they are known sometime within the next week and a bit!

And stay in touch! I demand it!

Hello, Arizona!

I am oh so verrrryyyy slowly getting settled into my new apartment. It was only two days ago that I finally got everything put away that I could, and everything else that requires more storage options to be purchased before they can be unpacked are at least now out of the way in my closet. No more random boxes in every room! Which is making things look quite bare at the moment, since I moved without the majority of my furniture, and since furniture that doesn’t suck is all expensive and shit, I’m still working on getting what I need.

I’ve made a very few videos lately, but plan on increasing my efforts starting in the near future, now that my place is semi presentable. I’m also hoping to start live camming again, possibly by the beginning of March or so, but as of now this is what my cam room looks like:

Bare cam room

I have a desk on the way, so while I might have a pretty boring looking setup for a while, I should be able to get back in business once I get that in place. Hurry up, Amazon!

Goodbye, Chicago

Some of you know that I’m moving in the near future to Arizona. Well, I guess anyone reading this knows as of the previous sentence. That’s why I’ve been a bit non-responsive and updating things even less frequently than usual. Bear with me, I should be flying to my new place (which I was off for a week or so finding and purchasing furniture for) sometime at the beginning of January. Anyone who has purchased Snapchat from me will keep access at least until I’m settled etc. Anyone who is thinking of adding me can go ahead for my currently low as fuck $5. If you add it to the cart on this website, instructions for completing your order with Bitcoin or with other off-site methods like gift cards, cam sites or Google Wallet will be shown to you at checkout. And of course, I have some videos up, too, if any of you haven’t got those you’re interested in already.

Aside from that, I won’t be on cam or Skype or etc. until I am all moved in and whatnot. But please don’t forget I exist. I’ll definitely be back in the new year. Shit’s just all sorts of stressful and hectic right now, so I need to deal with my head exploding constantly before things can get back to normal. Send pizza and kittens. See ya in 2015!

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Goodbye, Nova Scotia

This is my last night in Nova Scotia with my sister. Tomorrow morning I’m taking the shuttle to Halifax, spending the rest of the day and night in a hotel, then flying back to Chicago at way-too-early o’clock on Thursday morning. I hope Thanksgiving travel won’t turn out too Planes, Trains & Automobiles on me! It shouldn’t be too bad here in Canada, considering it’s not a holiday in this country. Then again, maybe there are tons of people trying to visit family in America? I guess I’ll find out.

Might be camming or otherwise accosting the internet with my presence from the hotel tomorrow, considering I’ll have nothing to do there all day but watch whatever is on their shitty cable. It all depends on how good their internet is (I always get stuck in hotels with utter shite internet).

Either way, this is the week I’m finally starting up my Snapchat account, and it’s freakin’ cheap for now, since I have no idea what I’m doing and very few friends on there at the moment! (Plus, there’s this whole thing where I’m moving to another state probably within the next… month(?) or so? It’s all very confusing…)

Anyway, check that out either on Chaturbate or get it slightly cheaper here if you’re down with gift cards or even cheaper if you can muster up Bitcoins.

I don’t know what I’ll have to show you in the near future, because my life is kind of up in the air right now. Could be exciting, wanna find out with me? Probably there will be boobs. That’s about all I know for sure.

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Pardon my dust!

I’m rebuilding this website in anticipation of making some variety of comeback in the months to come, and also to implement a fancy pants shopping cart. I can currently accept direct Bitcoin payments, so now would be a great time to school yourself on that particular currency. Although… there’s not actually anything much in the actual store. I’ll get to that at some point! I don’t have all of my files here with me in Nova Scotia, but I will post what I can.

In the meantime… I’ve been hanging out on Chaturbate a couple times a week lately. Follow me there or on Twitter @Lintilla to stay in the loop.

Goodnight for now… 10:30am is probably past my bedtime somewhat.

I haven’t posted here in… HOW long!?

I figure I might as well start using this damn website, since I’m paying for the domain and hosting and all!

I don’t have much to say this second, but this is just one place I want to pay more attention to.

There’s also Twitter and Tumblr and akjshdkajsdhlkajshd, so many other accounts I have! I’m sure I forget half of them.

I’ve got to get this all sorted out.

Soon, soon.

THIS post is mainly about seeing if I’ve got certain things set up properly.

In theory, once I hit “Publish” this post should automatically show up all over the damn place.

We shall see!