Goodbye, Chicago

Some of you know that I’m moving in the near future to Arizona. Well, I guess anyone reading this knows as of the previous sentence. That’s why I’ve been a bit non-responsive and updating things even less frequently than usual. Bear with me, I should be flying to my new place (which I was off for a week or so finding and purchasing furniture for) sometime at the beginning of January. Anyone who has purchased Snapchat from me will keep access at least until I’m settled etc. Anyone who is thinking of adding me can go ahead for my currently low as fuck $5. If you add it to the cart on this website, instructions for completing your order with Bitcoin or with other off-site methods like gift cards, cam sites or Google Wallet will be shown to you at checkout. And of course, I have some videos up, too, if any of you haven’t got those you’re interested in already.

Aside from that, I won’t be on cam or Skype or etc. until I am all moved in and whatnot. But please don’t forget I exist. I’ll definitely be back in the new year. Shit’s just all sorts of stressful and hectic right now, so I need to deal with my head exploding constantly before things can get back to normal. Send pizza and kittens. See ya in 2015!

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