Update on my return, also known as I am slightly a liar

So, my very smart self forgot that the 15th is the end of the pay period on various camsites including MFC where I was planning to return to, so that would just be a silly day to come back. I was going to make it my final show on CW instead, buuuuut, nah, I decided screw you guys, I’m gonna go drink green beers and play board games instead. Well, not screw you guys, but I might as well, since I’m going to TRY to be consistent on cam in the near future and so I’ll have less time to do such things unless I were to switch to daytime… and that shit ain’t happening.

So I will hopefully see whoever reads this nonsense tomorrow, March 16th, on MFC at… I dunno what time, but I’m going to try for maybe something like 7pm Arizona time, which is currently also known as 7pm MST or 7pm PDT because we don’t have daylight saving time over here just to be confusing to the rest of you. But I will certainly update with tweets and such to let you know how many hours later than that I actually end up being 😛 (But hey, it’s only 4pm now and I’m dressed — why couldn’t that happen two days in a row?)

Still going to try to fit in Camwhores, I just don’t know when. Where does the time all go…? What the heck did I do with the rest of March?