In which Lintilla begins a new blog by complaining at length about her cold like a baby

I said I was going to get back on cam after Thanksgiving. Well, that didn’t happen. I don’t think many people probably noticed, since I’ve been MIA for over a month now, but I’m pretty annoyed because I was all… I’ll have the apartment to myself! I’ll have all sorts of time to get set up and organized and my internet will probably be working properly by then and I can have the place all clean and it’ll stay like that… I was going to do things all properly like. But noooo… I go out for one night for the first time in weeks, and of course I get sick.

I also said in the meantime I might finally do something with this domain. I suppose that just got delayed. Hey, I’m doing it now, though (can’t do much else). I forgot that while  my husband and the band and other various visitors came back for the break between the first and second legs of their tour I’d be dealing with my husband and the band and other various visitors for the entire break between the first and second legs of their tour. And Thanksgiving. And my husband’s birthday. And my husband’s laundry. And actually going out for one night for the first time in weeks resulting in of course getting sick.

I didn’t bother installing a proper theme here yet, so whatever the hell is about to show up when I hit “publish” is just a default. I felt like whining, and there won’t be anyone home to whine to for weeks except my cat who isn’t a particularly sympathetic listener. Besides, I always use getting everything set up perfectly as an excuse to never starting a new site at all, since nothing will ever be perfect. I’ll make the site all non-plain and add my links and latest cam image and tweets and whatnot eventually. Maybe.

Right now I’m too busy being probably the sickest I’ve been since I was a kid if you don’t count a couple of food poisoning incidents, which I’m not because food poisoning fucking sucks but has never lasted more than 24 hours for me. I’ve been feeling like shit for almost a week now. Just a cold, maybe I’m a whiner. Usually, though, I don’t get aches and pains for more than a day. I’ve had them the entire time with this bout. Nasty ones. My fingernails hurt. My teeth hurt. My scalp hurts if you bend my hair the wrong way.

If this hadn’t come on like every other cold I’ve ever gotten (sore throat for two days, runny nose the next, cough the next) I’d say it was the flu. Maybe I managed to pick up both somehow. I haven’t been able to eat anything much in a few days besides ginger ale and chicken soup. Yesterday I ate two pieces of bread and butter and almost choked it tasted so disgusting to me. So I dragged myself to the store all dizzy and about to pass out and bought some protein bars. Took me half an hour to eat one and I kind of wanted to puke. Beyond that I’ve only managed to add DayQuil to my diet.

When I got sick I thought maybe I’d push getting back on cam to December 1st.  That’s a nice round date. But no, totally dying. If I live, it’ll be at least a few more days I think. A couple more days of sickness, and at least one to clean up the mess I made while being sick. Do you know how impossible it is to do dishes when the process is wash one spoon, remove gloves,  locate kleenex, blow nose, wash hands, dry hands, put on gloves, wash another spoon? When touching water, even if it’s hot, makes you feel like all of your bones suddenly turned to ice and then electrified? Yeah, no. I think I’ll save it.

I’ll post and tweet and junk whenever I manage to kick this virus (please no sinus or chest infection this time!) to let you know where you can go to hear me complain about having had it… I know I owe some people content as well, and that’s all still coming . I just don’t think you want to see me how I am right now. Unless you do, in which case you might be a bit of a jerk. See ya, Internet. Hopefully sooner than later.  I don’t think my cat wants to listen to me moan any more.