Adrenaline is a great nasal decongestant

Unfortunately adrenaline can also leave you with a nasty headache, as I’ve just found out. I now have an adrenaline headache on top of my already twice as bad as yesterday’s sinus headache.

Look at this crap:

Torn window screen

That’s the fuck-uppery caused to my window screen when some asshole’s dog tore through it, grabbed my cat and pulled her outside a few hours ago.

I ran outside in my PJs (still all sorts of sick over here) and without being able to find my keys pretty much fearing the worst. I know that dogs like to grab onto a cat’s neck and shake, which usually doesn’t work out well for the cat. Thankfully when I got to the door my cat was there pawing at the window frantically, and luckily she’s smart enough to somehow know where the front entrance to the building is despite never ever going through it instead of running in a random direction down the street.  I’m lucky enough that the dog wasn’t able to get a better grip. It’s probably tough to do so in one movement while smashing your big dumb head through a window screen, I suppose. It looks like it only got hold of a few tufts of fur. My cat is otherwise unscathed.

I’m also lucky that a girl who had just left my building was waiting there to see if someone would come outside, because otherwise I’d have been stuck yelling for someone to let me in, and I really don’t have much of a voice today! She had obviously seen what happened, but I didn’t think to ask any questions as I was too busy freaking the fuck out. Whoever it was who owned the dog had hightailed it. Probably for the best, because I could see myself beating him with the pair of shoes I’d grabbed to prop the door open (that I immediately failed to use to prop the door open).

Not even an hour later my cat was back in front of the very much closed window and another dog came along and bashed his head pretty hard into the glass. The most that’s happened before, in five years of living here, is that a now and then dog will stop at the window and bark a bit. My cat is then more likely to be the one to growl and try to swipe at them for she knows no fear. Or at least… didn’t. She must be putting out vibes of deliciousness tonight. Either that or the dogs have all gone completely hyperactively nuts due to the very unseasonable 70 degree weather this evening.

My cat is now sleeping in the closet where it’s safer, and I’m having a temporarily much better time breathing though also having to swallow handfuls of aspirin on top of all the cold medicine I’m zoned out on.