Some babbling about why I don’t do more Skype shows

I’ve been asked a lot lately why I don’t push Skype shows more, or sign onto SkyPrivate etc. more often. Most often I’m asked these questions on Streamate, where I can’t answer them, and where it’s really kind of inappropriate to ask me, especially if you’re not a newb. So I wanted to explain here…

My exclusive rate on Streamate right now is $9.99/min. My cut of that is $3.00/min. My Skype rates vary depending on they payment method, but my cut is usually about the same as it is on Streamate. So the show is cheaper for the customer buying it, but I’m making the same amount of money. Based on only that, obviously customers will prefer Skype, while it might be all the same to me. Except that there are many other factors for me:

1) I’m not as visible on Skype as I am on Streamate. I’d have to spend more (unpaid) time promoting myself in various ways to attract more attention to myself. That’s a lot of time and effort vs. Streamate where all I have to do is sign on and plenty of traffic comes my way.

2) Dudes on Skype want to schedule a show, but don’t always show up when I go out of my way to be on time. Things come up, and who can schedule a boner in the first place. Other guys message me randomly asking if I’m available when I have no ability to get online (and often get themselves blocked with the way they react when I say I’m not available). On Streamate, if I’m online I’m ready. The customers in my room are ready. No “phone tag” and drawn out (unpaid) back and forth. No scheduling bullshit to deal with. I HATE SCHEDULING.

3) Anyone with a member account on Streamate has already proven that they have a functioning payment method. A couple of clicks and everything’s underway. Guys who message me about Skype shows often turn out to be unable to pay me, or are unsure how. This is frequently predictable, if they’ve listed a location on their account, but often enough I end up wasting (unpaid) time negotiating things.

4) I’m more often asked to push or break my limits on Skype, especially when guys have paid up front (this is the main reason I prefer pay per minute, especially with new customers!) Guys just seem to think they can get away with more (unpaid). This does not amuse me, to say the least.

5) Once I’ve added someone as a contact on Skype, a lot of customers seem to think it’s appropriate spend (unpaid) time casually chatting with me whenever the fuck, and get shitty when I disabuse them of that notion. This happens much less frequently on Streamate.

6) 7) 8) 9) 10) I have a ton of other shit I could add, but maybe it’s becoming clear that despite making about the same rate while actively in a show, Skype shows demand a lot more time, effort, and counting down from ten before I tell someone off than working on Streamate does. I may continue to do Skype shows, but I think I’ll be jacking up my rate significantly to compensate if I do. Otherwise it’s just not currently worth it to me to put that extra (unpaid) time and effort in. And I’ll still be available online when I’m online. I REALLY HATE SCHEDULING. I WILL NOT DO IT. DO NOT ASK. STOP ASKING.