Going Bigger – First 24 Inch B2P


I'm back with an even bigger balloon! A great big bubblegum pink one. This is my first time ever inflating a 24″ balloon, let alone inflating it until it pops. I specifically waited to touch any of them until I had a chance to get it on video!

I have NO idea how big this thing can get, so I know it's going to be a shock when it finally bursts. Even after popping so many smaller ones I still get that rush when they explode, so by the time this pink one is getting tight and as the neck starts to elongate I'm already shaking, getting more and more nervous.

What do you think my reaction is in the end? I can tell you this much… half an hour later I was still feeling the effects of the adrenaline! I show my shaking hands after it pops in the video, and it's way more obvious than I thought while filming! So scary, but so much fun!

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