Big Scary Bug Causes Long Hiccup Fit


Getting surprised or scared has never seemed to cure the hiccups for me, but I’ve just found out that it can totally cause them!

I had just finished a camming session online when I noticed my cats acting suspiciously. Turns out they were batting around a HUGE bug. I’d been drinking a bit, too, so combined with the squealing that ensued, I wound up with a case of the hiccups.

I hadn’t even had a chance to get fully dressed before any of this happened, so I’m wearing nothing but a bra. I give a couple shots of my naked butt here and there while I continue to hiccup 😉

I tell you all about what just happened throughout the video while I try to calm down. You can hear some of my hiccups interrupting some of my words as I try to talk.

Finally, after hiccuping for about 13 minutes (that is CRAZY for me) I calm down about the bug and am ready to be done with the hiccups. I stop talking, close my eyes a bit, and try to relax my breathing and diaphragm.

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