17 inch B2P for the First Time


I finally got my hands on something other than generic grocery store balloons. I have some 17in Tuf-Tex crystal balloons to play with now 🙂

Before making this video I hadn’t done any more than pull out a balloon to look at it, so this is my first time inflating these. So I start inflating the first one, which turns out to be more of a hot pink than the red I thought it would be, and I have no idea… How big will it get? How loud is this going to be when it pops? I talk the entire time, a little bit nervous about what will happen as the balloon gets bigger and bigger.

Finally the first balloon pops, but I’m not satisfied with it, so I inflate another one. This time I have more of an idea of what might happen, but I’m still shocked when it finally bursts! These things are loud!

In the end, I show you the carnage of the two exploded balloons. The first one made it out more or less in one piece, but you can see how wet it is from my condensed breath now that it’s shrunk back down. The second one exploded into a pile of tattered shreds!

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