Pardon my dust!

I’m rebuilding this website in anticipation of making some variety of comeback in the months to come, and also to implement a fancy pants shopping cart. I can currently accept direct Bitcoin payments, so now would be a great time to school yourself on that particular currency. Although… there’s not actually anything much in the actual store. I’ll get to that at some point! I don’t have all of my files here with me in Nova Scotia, but I will post what I can.

In the meantime… I’ve been hanging out on Chaturbate a couple times a week lately. Follow me there or on Twitter @Lintilla to stay in the loop.

Goodnight for now… 10:30am is probably past my bedtime somewhat.

I haven’t posted here in… HOW long!?

I figure I might as well start using this damn website, since I’m paying for the domain and hosting and all!

I don’t have much to say this second, but this is just one place I want to pay more attention to.

There’s also Twitter and Tumblr and akjshdkajsdhlkajshd, so many other accounts I have! I’m sure I forget half of them.

I’ve got to get this all sorted out.

Soon, soon.

THIS post is mainly about seeing if I’ve got certain things set up properly.

In theory, once I hit “Publish” this post should automatically show up all over the damn place.

We shall see!

Maybe I’ll see you soon, but I wish I could see you properly, I had nice eyes at one point.

So, I haven’t cammed now in what… a month? I was trying to make a serious go of it, but my eyeballs had to go ahead and intervene. I don’t know who reads my Twitter account, and of people who don’t read my Twitter account I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone who reads this in addition, but since this is a much more permanent place for my babblings I guess I’ll babble here a bit and repeat some of what I’ve said elsewhere.

I found out a few weeks ago, after long enough either ignoring the problem or trying to treat it on my own, that I had/have pretty severe keratitis, which is inflammation of the cornea. This was probably brought on by a combination of things including my dry as fuck drafty apartment, allergies to everything imaginable, overuse of contact lenses and side effects of various medications. Once it got bad, bacteria got a foothold, and then I was fucked.

Follow-up appointment (when they were able to flip my eyelids inside-out without it being seriously OUCH) I was told I have clogged meibomian glands, so now on top of eye drops that cost more than $100 per 5 goddamn ml I get to do 4x daily heat compresses and eyelid massages. A week and a half after all of this bullshit my vision is still blurry, my eyes still sting, my eyelids are still swollen, I still have shrivelled raisins for eyeballs.

But I can now tolerate light again. It doesn’t make me draw my elbow up all Bela Lugosi-like. I’d like to get back to shit today or tomorrow or sometime this week… but here’s the dumb shit I’m scared of. I don’t like being on cam without any eye makeup, and I think eye makeup is still not a thing I can do. I’m okay posting #nomakeup on at times, or on my Twitter feed, but I don’t like camming that way. I feel like since I already am forced to wear glasses and I’m still squinty that my eyes are just invisible and I look like Mr. Magoo or something.

Yep, though. That’s my problem. I could totally come back about now, just either have to be a tiny-eyed self-conscious person or maybe mascara only the tips of my lashes? Still worry about removing any makeup. “Chronic dryness” is apparently a thing my eyeballs have, so I should figure it out, I suppose.

End whining.